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  • Claims Submission and Status

    Claims Submission and Payment Inquiries Paper claims should be submitted to the Claims Department.  For claim payment inquiries and information regarding electronic claim submission, please contact the Claims Department.  For verification of claims receipt by PHP, please contact the Claims Department.
    Physician Fee Schedule PHP is a Medicare Advantage health plan and follows the Medicare physician fee schedule unless a differing reimbursement rate is contracted. Initial Claim Submission Claims for services provided to members assigned to PHP must be submitted on the appropriate billing form (CMS1500, UB04, etc.) within ninety (90) calendar days, or as stated in the written service agreement with PHP.  The provider is responsible to submit all claims to PHP within the specified timely filing limit.  PHP may deny any claim billed by the provider that is not received within the specified timely filing limit. The following information must be included on every claim:
    1. Provider name
    2. Provider address
    3. Patient name
    4. Patient date of birth
    5. Patient ID
    6. Date(s) of service
    7. All ICD10 diagnosis code(s) present upon visit
    8. Revenue, CPT, HCPCS code for service or item provided
    9. NDC(s) for any drugs provided
    10. Billed charges
    11. Place of service or UB04 bill type code
    12. Tax ID number
    13. NPI number
    14. Name and state license number of rendering provider
    Claims that do not meet the criteria described above will be returned to the provider indicating the necessary information that is missing.  PHP will process only legible claims received on the proper claim form that contains the essential data elements described above. Only current standard procedural terminology is acceptable for reimbursement per the following coding manuals:
    • Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) for physician procedural terminology
    • International Classification of Diseases (ICD10-CM) for diagnostic coding
    • Health Care Procedure Coding System (HCPC)
    CMS-1500 paper claim submissions must be submitted on form OMB-0938-0999(08-05) as noted on the document’s footer.  We accept the revised CMS-1500 and UB-04 forms printed in Flint OCR Red, J6983, (or exact match) ink. To ensure timely claim processing, PHP requires that adequate and appropriate documentation be submitted with each claim filed. Documentation required with a CMS1500 or UB04 claim form:


    Applies to

    Other coverage explanation of benefits All Providers
    Dialysis log Dialysis Service
    Doctor’s orders, nursing or therapy notes Home Health
    Full medical record with discharge summary Hospital
    Consult, procedures report Physician
    Emergency room report Emergency Medicine Physician
    Operative report Surgeon
    Minimum Data Set (MDS) Assessment Skilled Nursing Facility
    Standard Code Sets Standard Code Sets as required by HIPAA are the codes used to identify specific diagnosis and clinical procedures on claims and encounter forms.  All providers are required to submit claims and encounters using current HIPAA compliant codes, which include the standard CMS codes for ICD10, CPT, HCPCS, NDC and CDT, as appropriate. Information for Obtaining an NPI To obtain a national provider identifier (NPI) you may:
    • Telephone: (800) 465-3203 or TTY: (800) 692-2326
    • E-mail
    • Mail to NPI Enumerator P.O. Box 6059 Fargo, ND 58108-6059
    • Refer to CMS’s NPI information (By clicking this link, you will be taken to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ website.)
    Claim Definitions Clean Claim — A “clean claim” is defined as a claim for services submitted by a practitioner that is complete and includes all information reasonably required by PHP, and as to which request for payment there is no material issue regarding PHP’s obligation to pay under the terms of a managed care plan. Timely Filing Limit — The claim’s “Timely Filing Limit” is defined as the calendar day period between the claim’s last date of service, or payment/denial by the primary payer, and the date by which PHP must first receive the claim. Received Date — The “Received Date” is the oldest PHP date stamp on the claim.  Acceptable date stamps include any of the following:
    • PHP Claims department date stamp,
    • Primary payer claim payment/denial date
    Claims Processing Claims will be paid to contracted providers in accordance with the timeliness provisions set forth in the provider’s contract and/or by applicable Florida Law.  Unless the subcontracting provider and contractor have agreed in writing to an alternate payment schedule, claims will be adjudicated as follows:
    • For clean claims, expect reimbursement within 45 days of PHP’s receipt of the claim if submitted on paper
    • You will receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) that details how each service is paid
    • You will receive an Explanation of Payment and Recovery Detail (EOPRD) when PHP identifies a previous claim overpayment